Dr. Ergun Caner on Fraud and Deception

In this sermon, Dr. Ergun Caner states that fraud is “one who looks like something but is actually something else.” I would modify the definition a bit. A fraud is one who pretends to be something that he is not.

In words that will ironically come to back to haunt him, Caner said, “You can’t start an evangelistic enterprise based on deception… I just can’t imagine that type of lying, and that’s exactly what I call it.” Of course, he was commenting on the IMB’s Camel evangelism method to Muslims (and I think his assessment of Camel is completely off). But it now characterizes exactly what he himself has done.

I’ve examined a lot of audio and video evidence as to Caner’s claims, and my conclusion is that Caner has fabricated the entire story on which he has sold hundreds of thousands of books and which has propelled him to celebrity status. I grieve for Caner and for the damage this will do to Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, his students and to Christianity. My prayer is that there will be genuine repentance, followed by a gracious restoration to fellowship (though not to a position of leadership at any level at the Seminary or within the church).


  1. starrstruck says:

    I am truly disappointed in Dr. Caner and LU’s initial response. Elmer Towns is an embarrassment to the university for stating that Dr. Caner did not do anything immoral or unethical.

    Dr. Caner did apologize on the internet, but then nullified it by saying he never intentionally misled anyone.

    But the evidence from his own mouth says differently. Watching him speak from the videos on the internet proves that he said the following:

    I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He was not.
    I was raised near the Turkey/Iran border. He was not.
    I came to America in 1978. He did not.
    I came to America through Brooklyn at age 13. He did not.
    I learned English by watching the Dukes of Hazard. He did not.
    I spoke broken English. He did not.
    I debated a specific Muslim in Nebraska. He did not.
    I have debated Muslim leaders. He has not.
    I have debated religious leaders of other religions. He has not.

    His falsehoods revolve around three areas: when he came to America, where he was raised, and who he debated. This is not complicated. He has intentionally misled others in these three areas. The true facts are as follows:

    He was born in Sweden in 1966.
    He came to America before 1970.
    He was raised in Columbus, Ohio.
    He was educated in America.
    He spoke fluent English.
    His mother was Lutheran.
    His father was Muslim.
    His parents divorced when he was nine.
    He was raised Muslim.
    His father was active in a mosque.
    He came to Christ around age 15.
    His father disowned him.
    He attended evangelical colleges and seminaries.
    He had evangelistic encounters with people from other religions.

    LU has taken action. They have corrected Ergun Caner’s bio. They have removed the inaccuracies. They removed when he came to America, mention of Turkey, and mention of his numerous debates in 40 states and 13 countries. They are investigating his background. But their previous statement by Towns is more embarrassing then Caner’s falsehoods.

    Dr. Caner at the very least needs to apologize. He needs to state clearly and unequivocally that he misrepresented his background. We may assume that he did so to capitalize on his Muslim background in the wake of 9/11. The evidence is that E. Michael Caner became Ergun Mehmet Caner after 9/11.

    The sad truth is that his actual testimony was sufficient enough. He could have said that being raised by a devout Sunni Muslim father gave him a unique perspective on the mind of the Muslim terrorists and indoctrination. He didn’t have to lie. That is what is so sad.

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