Who Killed Fyodor Karamazov?


  1. Mike, I read it only 2 or 3 times. It was War and Peace that I’ve read 25 or so times.

    Anyway, the murderer is Smerdyakov!

  2. I dunno… I am starting to suspect Gregory. He was in a position to perfectly frame Mitya, and I can see some motives here. But how did that Smerdyakov come up with 3,000 rubles?

    “2 or 3 times” Is that all? That is still more words than some folks read during their entire undergraduate education. :-)

  3. Anne Nyquist says:

    What would the motives be? (Gregory’s)

  4. His master had treated him awfully (remember the slap?) – and this was a chance to get rid of him. Gregory probably would have lived fine with whatever Fydor left him (not to mention the 3000 that he stole).

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